"Eine Leiche für Perrot" von C'rysta Winter

The Protagonists

The realm of murder - Lower Saxony

the locals usually just call it “Niedersachsen”

The Scene of the Crime  -  Weidenhof in Soltingen

a beautiful historical farmstead, surrounded by heather and German heath sheep – a treacherous idyll

Dramatis Personae

Achille Perrot

grandson of the great Hercule Poirot, his excellent sleuthing gene isn’t the only thing he inherited from his dearly beloved ancestor

John Harold Jeff, the Younger

investigating descendant of the eponymous inspector, who ended up in the country of the heather queens because of love  

Lady Lucy Atterberry

the ravishing bride, who is doomed by her love

Sir Henry Atterberry

the ravishing groom, who is prone to histrionics 

Lady Joanna Hampton

who travels to Germany not only for her daughter Lucy's wedding, but also to settle an old score

Sir Hampton

who has been resting in peace for the past twelve years

Mayor Wilhelm Baden

who pulls an unconventional wedding speech out of his jacket pocket and who runs into difficulties while looking for his place card

Sophia, the lady with the apricot-coloured sunhat

who confronts someone she really shouldn’t have

Three other ladies

who are all guarding the same secret


a young woman who asks Perrot’s assistance

Waitress Florence Thomson

who uncorks various bottles of wine but who herself prefers to drink Barista Stout


who for good reasons withholds her second name as well as her surname

A pipe-smoking gentleman

who focuses his special attention on the contents of a certain pocket

Detective Constable Lisa Langeloh

who is actually a German police officer, but she and her boss prefer to address each other with their English job titles

Detective Constable Dirk Weidenthal

also a police officer and endowed with a maverick sixth sense

Eighty British wedding guests

whose stomachs turn at the events but whose health remain unaffected

Twenty wedding guests

living locally but not all of them are entirely beyond reproach

Benn Airedale terrier

who is eager to learn but has difficulties in understanding

Three further Airedale terriers

of the genus Canis lupus plus the appendix familiaris, which isn’t always accurate

Welsh Corgi Cardian

who has got the most beautiful blue eyes, which are usually closed


who has succumbed to the great Hercule Poirot’s brilliant mind and who is of the opinion that this magnificent character simply cannot be without descendants


who will hopefully look positively on this whole endeavour