Midnight Soireé from C'rysta Winter

The Protagonists

Site of the Murder

Lower Saxony in Germany

Crime Scene

Madame Elsa’s festively and invitingly illuminated estate

Dramatis Personae

Achille Perrot

Hercule Poirot’s grandson, who not only inherited the predilection for a moustache, but also the excellent grey cells from his cherished ancestor.

John Harold Jeff, the Later

investigating descendant of the legendary Inspector Japp of Scotland Yard; clad in a most unconventional tuxedo

Madame Elsa

despite her advanced age, she knows how to captivate her circle of friends with more than her musical talent on the flute


manservant who dutifully puts a lid on something

Doctor Wiesenegger

primus inter pares, who appreciates Cuban cigars and who arouses suspicion

Major Groot

who is anything but a major

Pastor Georgius Brödermann

a man of God who plays the double bass

Mayor Valerius

who is loath to making a confession under any circumstances

Greta Valerius

the mayor’s wife, who wears a cherry red evening gown with small decorative bows

Pharmacist Holtheyde

pushes arsenic over the counter

Martha Holtheyde

Pharmacist Holtheyde’s wife, who has water in her veins instead of blood


who is more suspicious than Perrot would care to admit


surprises with an Old Testament interpretation of the fifth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”

The hobby poet

who forecasts snow

Detective Constable Lisa Langeloh

police officer who does not always follow official instructions

Detective Constable Dirk Weidenthal

police officer who whistles piercingly in the course of his official duties